Interview – Written – Jeanette Roundy

Written Interview

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Jeanette Roundy, Homeschool Community Center Director, Albany, NY

Do you feel that students look for jobs or create jobs upon completion of school?

Some of both.  It depends on their personality and what they have been trained to do/be.

Do you believe that epigenetics can influence a style of learning?

Yes.  Many things influence our behaviors, talents and abilities.  A study that could really look at how children learn when they are 1-4 years old and then look at how they learn when they are 10-14 years old, and analyze according to the child’s environment could tell us a lot.

What do you know about tribal values?

Not much.  But I would guess that they are values handed down from generation to generation in a family unit.  And that if a person is unhappy with their parents’ traditions, it takes a lot of work to change what they grew up with without rebelling.

What is the point of education?

It depends on which side of the education a person is.  If you are the person offering the education, the purpose is to teach your student to fulfill a certain goal.  If you are the student, it is to learn what the teacher is teaching.  I think there should be another word to express what happens when a person is allowed to learn more organically and becomes who they are meant to be without the expectations of the world.

Do you feel that school is preparing you for life?  

Did school prepare me for life?  A little.  My parents taught me how to take care of myself.  I don’t think school is supposed to prepare people for life.  It is supposed to prepare them to get work or start a business, so they can support themselves and their family.  School’s only need to take on that role of preparing a child for life when a parent doesn’t or when they take up so much of the student’s time that the parents can’t possibly succeed in preparing the student for life.

What is your definition of life?

How one lives; taking care of oneself, making enough money to at least pay for the basic necessities (food, shelter, and clothing), and having time to do something to de-stress (spend time with family, nature, music, exercise, whatever works).

How do you feel about conforming?

I’m not really into conforming except in some basic circumstances.  It would really be nice if no one stole, or murdered, or hurt someone else on purpose.

Do you feel the spirit of the people are ignored in education?  

Yes.  Every person is unique.  And each individual’s education should be able to bend enough to fit that individual.

Do you feel that millions of dollars are being wasted on mainstream education?  


How do you feel about censorship in mainstream education?  

Some is needed to protect children.  I don’t think children, especially young children, should have to be exposed to grown up things that are not appropriate.

How important is critical thinking in education?  

I think it is hard to think critically when no one really wants you to think for yourself and make your own decisions.  As some would say, what would happen if you gave a room full of students the freedom to make their own choices about education?  You would have chaos.  Here is another question, what if you never took that freedom away in the first place(except when safety was an issue)?  Could kids fulfill adult expectations if they were given a great environment and little requirements?  With mentors on hand to answer questions or help the students ask questions or inspire them to find their own answers or inspire them to try something new, could students find their way in the world and succeed?