Let Me Tell You About Kids Without Control


I remember when one of my children was around age 3 we had one of those nights where you haven’t done the grocery shopping and you just couldn’t be bothered so you end up getting takeaway. We presented her with her nuggets and chips, only for her to look at it and say, ‘No thanks, I’ll have a salad’.

What the?

So we ate our plates of unhealthiness while she dug into a bowl of cucumber and capsicum, her favourites.

Although my children making sensible choices is not a rarity, it still surprises me. The idea that without rules and limits children will be irresponsible and unhealthy is so pervasive.

It is generally believed that children require adult control and micromanagement, and without it there would be dire consequences. Control is justified as for children’s own good.

But control is not the solution, it is the problem.

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